What does CorTrol Services do?

Our corrosion engineering team provides a full range of corrosion engineering services, with a special emphasis on cathodic protection system design and testing. Our senior engineering staff has over 60 years of combined years of experience in the cathodic protection industry. We can provide technical design specifications, material selection, operations and maintenance guidance for corrosion control systems, all in accordance with industry standards.

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two different metals have physical or electrical contact with each other and are immersed in a common electrolyte, or when the same metal is exposed to electrolyte with different concentrations. In a galvanic couple, the more active metal (the anode) corrodes at an accelerated rate and the more noble metal (the cathode) corrodes at a retarded rate. When immersed separately, each metal corrodes at its own rate. What type of metal(s) to use is readily determined by following the galvanic series. For example, zinc is often used as a sacrificial anode for steel structures. Galvanic corrosion is of major interest to the marine industry and also anywhere water (containing salts) contacts pipes or metal structures.


Our Costumers:

  • Pipeline Owners
  • Utilities
  • Municipal Water/Wastewater Authorities
  • Transportation/Port Authorities
  • Major A&E Firms
  • Energy Companies
  • U.S. Government Agencies
  • DoD Contractors
  • Shipbuilding Companies